Specialists in Slate repairs, maintenance and roof renovations

The installation of a new slate roof is a big decision and we always prefer to consult with you to ensure that the style, colour and patterns are appropriate for you and your architecture. So before setting your dreams into stone, please talk to us  about your building plans.

As far as regular maintenance on slate roofs is concerned, the biggest priority is to ensure that the roof remains watertight. For added peace of mind, our quality control division inspects every job upon completion to ensure that every aspect of the job has been done correctly and completely.

While slate stone is durable, it is also a natural material and may have invisible fractures or other imperfections that are not noticeable when the roof is installed. These can cause a slate or two to eventually break and come off the roof. Inexperienced contractors, satellite dish installers or people walking on your roof also damage or crack slates, which can later, after a freeze/thaw cycle or other environmental pressure, break apart. But the good news is that broken slates are easily replaceable.

Flashings do however eventually wear out.  These are the metal joints around chimneys, in valleys, alongside dormers, around pipes that protrude through the roof, etc.   These too are easily replaceable.

Visible evidence of mismatched slates, silicone-repaired slate tiles and metal patchwork are among some of the many consequences of poor workmanship.  Once again, these errors can usually be removed and properly replaced by our experienced team of slaters.

Benefits of choosing a slate roof

  • FireproofSSlate_layers
  • Low maintenance
  • Cost-effective in the long-term
  • Impermeable to moisture
  • Resistant to acid
  • Environmentally friendly