Metal Roof Sheeting


The Craft-Lock® roof sheeting system is an internationally patented product and is a result of years of research and experience in the roofing industry.

Craft-Lock® was developed to eliminate the disadvantages inherent in many of the existing types of roof profiles. The result is a unique long span profiled sheet that can be erected in a short space of time, guaranteeing a leak-proof roof.

Features and Benefits

  • Leak proof and maintenance-free system.
  • The use of a starter strip and fixing brackets allow positive fixing of the roof sheet, without having to make a single hole in the sheet. Thus potential leakage problems are eliminated, while simultaneously enhancing aesthetics.
  • The interlocking mechanism of adjoining sheets ensures the prevention of ingress of rainwater by capillary action.
  • Sheets can be profiled on site, which reduces transport costs and eliminates transport damage.
  • Available in galvanized steel, chromadek steel, stainless steel and aluminum.

Craft-Lock® fully complies to Government Specification OW371 (7.6.2(c) and the specification of the South African Bureau of Standards 0162-2 and NBR 0400. Approved by the German “INSTITUT FUR BAU TECHNIK” under the number Z-14.1-395. Tests done by the University of the Witwatersrand. The Roof sheet was also nominated for the Industrial Award by the Corrosion Institute of South Africa during 1994.